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Cylinder Heads Pricing, Returns and Core policy

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             If you copy the "Must Read Before Document" and the "Guarantee" and give them to  your customer may solve any future problems that may arise from any misunderstandings. Our name is not on these document so you customer will not know  your head source.


Pricing: Wholesale #1 Wholesale price is granted to customers who have auto part store that can average at least one head per  month or twelve heads a  year.  These prices are lower by 10 percent


Wholesale Leavel #2   The price on the web.  Customer who have a tax reseller number.  Customer who live outside the state of Missouri do not need a tax number.  Customers that live in Missouri with out a tax number will be referd to the nearest Wholesaler.


Heads that have not been bolted to the block and less than 30 days after the sale may be returned. A return and handling charge of one hundred dollars will be subtracted from your refund check plus the cost of return shipping.

Heads that have been, "bolted onto" the engine will be charged a hundred dollar clean up fee plus the return fee.

Heads that have been run on the car for any lenght of time may not be return.  We can not sell head to be used to see if your engine is bad and then have you return it.

Heads that are built on special orders, a core head is bought because it is not in the catalog, are call for availably cannot be canceled. There will be no refund as we cannot return cores to our suppliers after we taken them apart. Note special order may take a longer time as good cores may have to be purchase more than one time to find a rebuild able core.

Cancelation of Orders:    Heads canceled on the same day as ordered can be void on the same day.  Heads not canceled after the first day and purchased by  credit card  will  be refunded  by a company check and may take up to thirty day.  No refunds will be given by credit card. We can refund on paypal within seven days.


Note:      The prices in this web site are for cylinder heads sold exchanged.


     CORES:                    We Accept cracked and damage cores.

                                Cores need only be complete.

Core charge are not billed up front.  This saves paper work for you and for us. The core is due in thirty days.  If the core is not returned within the thirty day period a charge of 40 percent more of the cost of the head is due.  An interest charge of twenty four percent is added to the charge if not paid in sixty days. Please use your free UPS return tag.    (turbo, vct head & hard to find cores wil be billed 2/3 the cost of the head)

Note; there maybe some exception to this policy on some very expensive cores.

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