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This head is reconditioned, That  means that the head was rebuilt with used parts,  parts that are still serviceable.  Most heads have been welded or repaired.  We strive to maintain the highest quality of work possible with the latest equipment,  New  parts: valves, seats, spring, guides, cams, and any other parts have been installed when needed. All heads have a three angle valve cut with a blade type seat cutter on a seat and guide machine, and then vacuum checked.  Heads are surfaced and lightly painted to keep them clean.  Note:  No cam seals have been installed, as one comes in the gasket set you have purchased. Valves are set cold and may have to be adjusted after torque and after the engine is warm.


Please look before installing:  Is this the correct head?  We Try very hard to supply you with the correct head, but mistakes happen.  The final check is for You  to compare the head with the head removed from the car and check everything to be sure it is correct before you install it.  Many heads have the same casting number and will not work on your car because of; different bolt patterns, different size valves, both in size of the head and stem or valve lengths.  Does the valve cover fit?  Does the distributor fit?   Does the head have the correct size holes for the rocker bolts?  Is there a hole for a fuel pump? Does the head uses the same fuel injecter and are the hole for the injector the correct size. There may be extra holes that are not used in your head.   Is there a hole for all your sending units?

Make sure all spark plug holes and the size thread are correct.   Have the valve been bent in shipping or is there damage done to the head during shipping.  Are the stud holes are in good shape. Now is the time to be sure, not after it is bolted to the block. We will not pay labor for the removal of the wrong head.  Damaged head or stripped threads are not warranted after the head is installed, due to some people over torque the threads. See max torque table below.

Please Check: The cooling system, radiator, radiator fan, water-pump, fan shroud, fuel injection, ignition timing, exhaust system for blockage, engine sensors, both fuel and timing, fan belts and anything that has or will cause the engine to overheat.  Cylinder heads are like fuses in the electrical system.  They blow because of a problem but are very seldom the problem.

Please Check:  Oiling problem  in the head can usually be traced to excess clearance in the block.  If the head has a history of oiling problem, or the vehicle has high mileage, you must check that both the oil volume and pressure coming to the head are normal. Some head that have parts bolted to the head not supplied with the head should be check for foreigh material blocking oil passages.

Please Check Valve Clearance: We pre-adjust valve before shipping but this is done cold and the head is not torque to the block. Clearance can change after torqueing the head and the first running of the engine. The valves will seat in and reduce the clearance. Because of this we set the valves on the loose side. You may have to readjust the valves after the engine has run a warm up cycle.

Do not over torque bolts in aluminum. If the specification call for more torque than the maximum torque listed below you have the wrong torque setting or there is a misprint in the manual. Never uses any bolt twice that has a degree in the torque setting, such as:120 inch pounds plus 30 degrees. That is a torque to yield bolt, a stretch bolt, and should never be used twice.

Bolt Size IN Aluminum Maxium Torque
6mm 3-5 foot pounds       36 to 60 inch pounds
8mm 8-12 foot pounds     96 to 144 inch pounds
10mm 15-22 foot pounds   180 to 264 inch pounds
12mm 39 foot pounds        468 inch pounds

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