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Heads sold exchanged are guaranteed for ALL Cylinder Heads (not just new casting) for FIVE years, Unlimited Mileage, as of  Jan 2014, from the date of the sale.  That is five years or true sixty months, from the day you received your head.  The warranty is limited to the replacement of the head and all parts sent with the head except for the reasons below.  We will pay a  limited labor claim  if the head has a problem that is determined by us to be our fault, in the first ninety days we will pay a goodwill labor, at a rate of $50.00 per hour up to but not above, $150.00 labor, and we will furnish or pay up to $100.00 for gaskets.  This is goodwill and is only to make up some of the cost of removing a defective head.  This is not meant to cover the entire cost of labor and gaskets only to refrain some of the cost.  We sell a quality product and although mistakes happen they are very very rare. If you have a problem you must return the head back to us for inspection. Taking the head to anyone beside RAMS will void your warranty. Please read the Must Read page of this web.


No warranty on any damages to the engine or driver (including passengers).  No towing or rental car charges, hotel bill, or lost time will be paid.  Labor is only paid if approval is given before the head is removed and only after being tested by us and found to be defective.  Warped heads are never the fault of the head. No head will be replace until we have the damaged head


Loss of Guarantee

Loss of oil:  Head run without or lacking oil or with dirt in the oil voids any warranty.  The final say on whether or not the damage was due to lack of oil is us.  Cam bearing failure is usually due to lack of oil.

Parts not Covered by guarantee.    Please read the Must Read Page.

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Valves bent due to shipping are not covered other than the replacement of the valve before the head is installed  Valves bent after the installation are not the fault of the reconditioned and will not be covered, Valves that are burnt due to lean mixture are from stop up exhaust systems will only be replace one time as a good will repair. Valve adjustment is not covered.


Broken Cams:  

Cam that have been run without oil, cams that have been broken by improper tightening of the cam bolt will not be covered.  Cams installed in exchange heads are used cams in good condition and are guaranteed usable.  note;  New cam and lifters can be installed for the price of the parts if requested

Broken or Damaged:  


Damage parts or stripped bolts, that are damaged will be replaced if found before the head is installed.  Damage part not found or damaged after the head is installed  are not covered. Please read the must read page on bolt torque in aluminum

Jet valves:

Third valves in some engine have a shortened life because of lean fuel mixtures or the valve adjustment changing after installation.  No warranty is given on these valves

Hydraulic Lifters and adjuster  Lifter can were out with age, but 95% of the time lifter frailer is caused from dirt in the oil or air trapped in the lifter we do not cover lifter past 90 day's and then only the lifter with no labor.

Limitation of Implied Warranties:  Except as expressly set forth in the limited cylinder head warranty we make no warranty, express or implied, written or oral, and this limited cylinder head warranty shall be deemed to be in lieu of all other warranties.  Including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.