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  1.6L SOHC 16Valve    1B6E, SEPHIA
Mazda 1.6-1.8

Part Number   HAKIA 1.6_18
Your Cost   375.00


Kia 1.4L and 1.6L versions of this engine 2010-2015

KIA Rio Top

Part Number   HAKIA 1.6_GDI 
Your Cost    595.00 


  1.6L DOHC Rio  G4GD  Casting K30E
Kia Reo 1.6

Part Number   HAKIA 1.6_Reo-K30E
Your Cost  595.00 


  1.8L KIA  K12  1,835 CC'S, DOHC,

Kia 1.8-K12

Part Number    HAKIA 1.8_k12
Your Cost     450.00


  1.8L Kia 1996-2004  1,793 CC'S, DOHC, 16V SPECTRA , CLARIS,
Kia 1.8

Part Number     HAKIA 1.8_K2
Your Cost   450.00


2.0L Kia (Mazda)     Sportag SFI 8 Valve  (Mazda Built) 1995-1997

Mazda 2.0

Part Number    HAMA/KIA 2.0
Your Cost     345.00


      2.0L DOHC Kia  Sportage     
Casting #FE3N
Kia 2.0
Part Number   HAKIA 2.0_FEN
Your Cost   450.00


 2.0L Kia  SPECTRA / 04-07   Engine FE  , DOHC S, G4GC, CVVT casting1.8-2.0

Kia/Hyundia 1.8-2.0

Part Number    HAC/KIA 2.0_1.8-2.0
Your Cost     450.00


       2.4L DOHC Optma 01-05   
Kia 2.4

Part Number   HAHY/Kia 2.4_2.0-2.4
Your Cost   495.00


   2.5L  2.7L    Optima 06- G6BV

Kia 2.5-2.7

Part Number    HAKIA 2.2-2.7_G6BV
Your Cost     395.00