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  2.2L  DOHC Amigo    Also used in the Honda and Daewoo,  Nubian and Legza   Same as 2.0L
Isuzu 2.2

Part Number   HADA/IS 2.0_877R
Your Cost   495.00


2.3L Z4D1/C1   1986-1995     Amigo, Pickup, Trooper  Carbureted
 Note the Impulse  have no air injection 1995 up may not have air injection

Isuzu 2.3

Part Number    HAIS 2.3_Z4D1
Your Cost    Loaded new Casting 550.00 


    2.6L 4ZE1 1988 and up Used in Honda Pass port.  From  1995 will not have air injection holes
HAIS 2.6

Part Number   HAIS 2.6_4ZE1
Your Cost    Loaded new Casting 550.00 


  3.2  PVD1 DOHC Chain Drive

Isuzu 3.2

Part Number  HAIS 3.2_Chain 
Your Cost     375.00


   3.2  PVD1 DOHC Gear Drive 3 Gears
Isuzu DOHC 3 Gear Drive
Part Number   HAIS 3.2_3 Gear
Your Cost   375.00


  3.2 6VD1  SOHC! V6    Trooper Rodeo and the Honda Passpor      Some have 7 studs on the exhaust.  Some have 8 Sturds on the exhaust.

Isuzu 3.2 Single Cam

Part Number    HAIS 3.2_SOHC
Your Cost     450.00


    3.5  PVE1 DOHC  3,494 CC'S DOHC, Trooper 1998-2005  Trooper VIN X,   SFI, AXIOM, VIN Y, 75° VEE BLOCK
Isuzu 3.5
Part Number   HAIS 3.5_DOHC
Your Cost   375.00


Isuzu 3.5L with VCT and Direct Injection

Top and Bottom

Part Number    HAIS 3.5_DI-VCT
Your Cost     495.00