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   1.5 G4EKS, G4EKT  roller hydraulic lash adj     Accent  come with tubes as shown or withou
1.5L 12V Rollar Hydro

Part Number   HAHY 1.5_G4EKS
Your Cost   345.00


     1.5L 12v rollar manual 1,475 CC'S, MMC, MFI,
4G4DJ, 4G4DJ, FCB   Excel 

Hyundia 12V Rollar

Part Number HANY 1.5_4G4DJ   
Your Cost     345.00


1.5L   G4AJ round port or Kidney  Excel, Scoupe,
Part Number   HAHY 1.5_G4AJ
Your Cost   275.00


  1.5L   G15 round port or Kidney  Excel, Scoupe

Mitsu 1.5

Part Number      HAHY 1.5_G15
Your Cost  225.00


   Casting#LC4V22 LC4V23 LC4V29 LC4V30
Hyundia 1.6 DOHC CL4

Part Number   HAHY 1.6_G4ED
Your Cost   555.00


Hyundai Accent and Kia Rio. There are 1.4L and 1.6L versions of this engine.2010-2015

top gdi

Part Number    HAHY 1.6_GDI
Your Cost     595.00


       1.6L  G4DR     Elantra Comes as large intake 2.385  same as 2.0L or small intake ports 2.024 small
Mitsu 1.6 DOHC

Part Number   HAHY 1.6_G4DR
Your Cost   495.00


1.8L Hyundia (Mitsu) 1,753 CC'S, SOHC, MMC /B SIRIUS Casting # M37 M38

1.8L Mitsu

Part Number    HAHY 1.8_M37
Your Cost    375.00 


  2.0L Hyundia (Mitsubishi) Sonata
Mitu 2.0

Part Number   HAC/MI/HY 2.0
Your Cost   450.00


   2.0L DOHC Turbo   1995-1999 up front timing senser mounting holes  different outlet water


Part Number    HAMI/HY 2.0_G6S
Your Cost     495.00


      2.0L 1,975 CC'S, DOHC,ELANTRA. TUSCON, OR G4DF, 1 CAM SPROCKET Casting BCVVT ,  NBNCVT 1.8-2.0
Hyundia 2.0 1.8/2.0

Part Number   HAHY 2.0_1.8-2.0 VCT
Your Cost   450.00


 2.0L Hyundia 1,975 CC'S, DOHC,Tiburon ,1975 CC'S G4DF, DOHC, MFI, 1997 CC, 2001--> MECH   1996-2004 
 Casting #1.8-2.0

Hyundia Tiburon

Part Number    HAMI/HY 2.0_1.8-2.0
Your Cost   450.00  


    2.0L DOHC Turbo G63S   
up front timing senser mounting holes  different outlet water. 1995-1999
Mitsu 2.0 Stage2
Part Number   HAHY 2.0_G63S
Your Cost   450.00


2.4L Hyundia 2,359 CC'S, DOHC, 16V, MFI, 2001-2004 SANTA FE 
Casting #10 2.0/2.4 S2

Hyundia 2.4

Part Number HAHY 2.4_2.0-2.4 s2
Your Cost     475.00


 2.4L Hyundia Sonata , THETA G6KB & G4KC, LAMBDA G6DB
Casting 1.8/2.0/2.4
Hyundia 2.4 Chain

Part Number   HAHY 2.4_1.8/2.0/2.4 VCT
Your Cost   550.00


 3.0L Mitsu   6G7s Eclipse   Monteco 1997 VinP 1997&1998  

Mitsu Long Cam

Part Number    HAC/HY 3.0_6G7
Your Cost     295.00