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The gasoline engine is a 67 hp (50 kW; 68 PS), 1.0 litre,
ECA series 3-cylinder unit
providing lean burn operation
with an air-to-fuel ratio that
can reach 25.8 to 1 2009-2015
Honda 1.0 top
Part Number   HAH 1.0_ECA
Your Cost   495.00


  1.5L Honda PM3 16Valve
fuel injected Civ

Honda 1.5 PM4

Part Number    HAH 1.5_PM3
Your Cost     375.00


   1.5L Honda RP-1 2007-2008 Honda Fit
Honda fit top 1.5L
Part Number   HAH 1.5_RP
Your Cost   495.00


  1.6L Honda P23 D16Y8 SOHC, 1,590 CC'S, VTEC, 
16 Valve 125 HP . CIVIC      Casting #  P23-2 P2J-2 P2J-3 P2J-4 P2J-6 P2J-7   

Honda P23

Part Number    HAH 1.6_P23
Your Cost     495.00


 1.6L Honda P2F    D16Y7  SOHC, 1,590 CC'S, NON-VTEC16 VALVE  1996-2000  Casting #
P2F-HA-2, P2F-HA-3, P2F-HA-4 ,P2F-HA-7,
Honda P2F
Part Number   HAH 1.6_P2F
Your Cost   450.00


 1.6L Honda P2J D16Y8  SOHC,
1,590 CC'S,,16 VALVE, CIVIC
Casting #  P23-2 P2J-2 P2J-3
P2J-4 P2J-6 P2J-7  


Part Number    HAH 1.6_p2J
Your Cost    495.00 


    1.6L HOnda PM SOHC, 1,590 CC'S,
VTEC Casting #  PM5-1 ,PM9-1,
Honda 1.6 PM9

Part Number   HAH 1.6_PM
Your Cost   375.00


  1.6L Honda PR3   B16A3 DOHC, VTEC,16 VALVE, CIVIC,DEL SOL  1996-2000
00  Casting # PR3-2 3PR-4

Top and botton Honda PR3

Part Number    HAH 1.6_PR3
Your Cost     655.00


    1.7 Honda Civic   D17A1  SOHC, MFI, CIVIC DX/LX
Honda 1.7 Pmk

Part Number  HAH 1.7_PMR
Your Cost   495.00


Honda 1.7L casting PMR with Varible Cam Timming VCT

PMR with VCT

Part Number    HAH 1.7_PMR-VCT
Your Cost     595.00


 2.0L Honda  P75 B20B4  CRV DOHC, SFI, 1973 CC, TRUCK CR-V
Honda 2.0-P75
Part Number   HAH 2.0_P75
Your Cost   450.00


2.0L Honda  P8R  B20A5  DOHC, 1,958 CC'S, MPI, PRELUDE

Honda 2.0-P8R

Part Number    HAH 2.0_P8R
Your Cost     450.00


  2.0L Honda PJO A20A3 SOHC, 1,955 CC'S, MFI
Honda 2.0_pjo

Part Number  HAH 2.0_PJO 
Your Cost   375.00



2.0L Honda RBC- DOHC,

Honda 2.0 RBC

Part Number    HAH 2.0_RBC
Your Cost    695.00 


2.2L Honda (Isuzu) Used in the Passpor   Casting E92063877R
Honda (Isuzu) 2.2

Part Number   HAH 2.2_877R
Your Cost   495.00


  2.2L Honda POA F22B1  SOHC, 2,156 CC'S, VTEC 16 VALVE, MFI, ACCORD  

Honda 2.2-POA

Part Number    HAH 2.2_POA
Your Cost     495.00


  2.2L Honda POB  F22A1  SOHC, 2,156 CC'S, F22A4, F22A6, PRELUDE,
Honda 350
Part Number   HAH 2.2_POB
Your Cost   450.00


2.2L Honda PT3 F22A1 SOHC, 2,156 CC'S, F22A4, F22A6   PRELUDE, 16 VALVE

Honda PT

Part Number    HAH 2.2_PT3
Your Cost     450.00


    2.3L Honda PAA SOHC, MFI, ALSO F23A4, F23A5, F23A7
Honda 2.3 Paa
Part Number   HAH 2.3_PAA
Your Cost   495.00



Honda 2.4_RR

Part Number    HAH 2.4_RAA-4
Your Cost     595.00


 3.2L Honda Passport 1994-2002 DOHC (Isuzu)
Casting 6VD1-W  Below is 3.2 with gears. Three gears that are preloaded.
Casting below is 3.2 wwith no gears. Chain Driven
Honda 3.2 no Gear
Part Number   HAH/IS 3.2_3 Gear
Your Cost   375


  3.2L Honda (Isuzu)   Troope
Rodeo, and the Honda Passpor
 Some have 7 studs
on the exhaust.  Some have 8
Sturds on the,1992-1998


Single Cam 3.2L

Part Number    HAH/IS 3.2_SOHC
Your Cost    450.00 


  3.5L Honda  V6 Pilot  Casting # AJJ, RCA2 & RdJ 2005-2011
Honda Pilot 3.5
Part Number   HAH 3.5_V6
Your Cost   395.00



Part Number    
Your Cost