RAMS Cylinder Head Address

FordFord 4.6_2V

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HAF 4.6 Casting  FwAE 6250A,  F2AE6A274AA,  F2AE-6AE-A274-AA,#RFF1AE6090H3,  Rff1AE6092 HC,  RFF2AE6
All of the ford 2 valve V8 heads have the ford time inserts to prevent the spark plugs form striping.
Ford 4.6

Romeo heads employ bolt-on cam journal girdles
Windsor heads don't have cam journal girdles, just individual journals
Romeo cam sprockets are zero-fit and slip right on
Windsor cam sprockets are pressed on.
Romeo cam covers have 11 bolts
Windsor cam covers have 13 bolts

PI intake

Righ, Left, or A Pair
Wondsor or Romeo PI or Not
Your Casting Number and commen

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