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2.0L 16 valve DOHC Used in Averge & Eclipse   Head sold with out cams because the cams must be removed to install head bolts. Chry 867

  Camshaft & Cylinder Head Caution For 1995-2001 Chrysler 2.0 & 2.4L VIN C, Y, B & X Engines

The AERA Technical Committee offers the following information regarding a camshaft & cylinder head caution on 1995-2001 Chrysler 2.0L & 2.4L VIN C, Y, B & X engines. These engines all use two camshafts (DOHC) per engine. There have been several part number suppressions already and changes may have occurred since this publication. It cannot be over emphasized how important it is to keep both camshafts with the head before and after disassembly. It is suggested to mark the components for the year and application they came out of.

NON Neon camshaft 2.4L: intake duration of 232°/.324" lift & exhaust duration of 240°/.256" lift looks like some 2.4L cams are cast with 532 in them and a Green color ID. Neon camshaft 2.0L intake duration of 219.2°/.344" lift & exhaust duration 219°/.314" lift.

The Neon 2.0L cams 0727-674 and 0777-676 both have a Red color ID ring around the middle. Currently, there are two different head castings with the same number with a different port layout between the two heads. There are also three different pair of camshafts used that will physically fit into either heads. In some instances, technicians have not realized wrong components until bolting up manifolds or trying to start the engine.

Year Head Casting # Engine Body VIN Car Model 1995+up 4667086 2.0L PL C Neon 1995+up 4667086 2.4L JA X Stratus, Breeze, Cirrus 1995+up 4667086 2.4L JX X Sebring convertible 1995+up 4667086 2.4L NS B Minivan 1995+up 4667867 2.0L FJ Y Avenger, Sebring Sebring Coupe & Eagle Talon 1995+up

Camshafts 2.0L PL Neon Intake 4667917 superceded to 4777631AA Exhaust 4667918 superceded to 4777632AA 1995+up Camshafts 2.4L JA Stratus, Breeze, Cirrus JX Sebring convertible NS MiniVan Intake 4621533 superceded to 4777638AA Exhaust 4621535 superceded to 4777637AA

Caution: Uses valve spring part number 4621530 1995+up 2.0L FJ Avenger, Sebring Coupe, Eagle Talon Intake 4667673 superceded to 4777629AA Exhaust 4667675 superceded to 4777630AA Caution: Uses valve spring part number 4777555

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